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Render Farm

Compatibility is the name of the game and we're a dream come true. Leveraging our local data centers, you can render your entire pipeline on our platform; no more limiting your cloud renders to low I/O jobs. Our nodes are powered by the latest generation Intel® Xeon® scalable processors with a computational density of up to 48 cores (96 threads) and 192GB RAM - when your client needs a change overnight, we've got you covered.

RenderLake is compatible with all of the software below and many others.
Talk about being inclusive!

RenderLake can help you to not only maintain your work volume during the pandemic but potentially increase your revenue. Our Remote workstation solution allows your company to be able to secure highly sought international professionals working remotely or orient your production flow towards out-of-state tax credits either cross-border from your data center or via a public cloud facility in a different region.

Remote Workstation

RenderLake is a Cloud Infrastructure Service that specializes in VFX Technology from Rendering to remote workstation.