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RenderLake is a Cloud Infrastructure Service that specializes in VFX Technology from Rendering to Primary & Back Up Storage.

RenderLake has worked in the trenches for years, relentlessly building, fine-tuning and managing hardware for complex 3D workflows supporting the industry's top-grossing movies. Trust us to build your custom render and storage solution to sustain, burst and store your artists' precious work – all on the same cloud infrastructure.

Through our global network of TPN compliant data centres, we can provide a comprehensive cloud solution that meets your studio's ever-evolving needs, without being tied to physical hardware.
Don't we all love freedom?
We are the creative nerds you want on your team. We eat, breathe and dream VFX. We've been rendering and animating with enduring passion for over 15 years.
Working with RenderLake takes away your infrastructure restrictions and replaces them with unbounded playground space. Here's your opportunity to take shot work in directions and dimensions you were never able to explore before.

The fluid expertise of RenderLake's cloud infrastructure team allows us to precisely define and meet your business and production needs. With our adaptive ability to tailor hardware configurations and our strategic data centre positioning, we provide the most efficient and complete cloud service – leaving our competitors in the dust.

With our data centres' additional computing power at your disposal, you'll be able to "burst" into the cloud without the constraints of the traditional hybrid cloud render farm. This means you can go ahead and burst render your entire pipeline in the cloud. Goodbye, low I/O renders. Good morning, freedom!